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5 Tips to Becoming a Dream Company

It’s a fact: recruiting talented people is undoubtedly getting tougher out there for employers. But, there are some organisations who have a competitive advantage – specifically those that are high up on the Dream Company scale – and employees are now looking for them instead. The Dream Company advantage also means greater retention, engagement and productivity from their people. It’s a no-brainer!

Are you an aspiring Dream Company? Here are 5 tips to get you there!

Help employees grow

Development and learning opportunities are key to retaining exceptional employees, with those at Dream Companies substantially less likely to be considering opportunities at other organisations. Offer employees the opportunity to enhance their skills and provide them with personal and professional training and development.

Support employees

Family and relationships are the greatest priority for working families and they’re seeking to work for organisations which enable them to flourish both at home and at work. More employees in Dream Companies say that their manager is supportive versus non Dream Companies – with Dream Companies making employees feel comfortable talking about personal or family issues, creating an atmosphere of trust and caring about the effects of work.

Encourage transparency

Transparency comes from open and ongoing communication between employees and management and it’s invaluable to employees in seeing their potential and knowing where they are heading. Those in Dream Companies were more likely to report that their organisation fosters an atmosphere of transparency and honest communication, and feel able to provide input into matters that affect their work. They also continue to show respect for their people’s time, with productive meetings, effective communication and feeling valued in their organisation.

Promote work-life balance

High life satisfaction for employees equates to enhanced employee wellbeing, which leads to good health and good work. Employees in Dream Companies indicate higher levels of satisfaction in key areas, including health, personal life and life as a whole than those not in Dream Companies. Make sure employees are aware of the support offered through clearly communicating company policies and programmes.

Offer meaningful benefits

Employees crave benefits that support their families, needs and lifestyles. Dream Companies provide these, with supportive benefits that create conditions for success in their employees’ personal and professional lives. Think about your benefits platform – is it meeting your requirements? Consider launching a survey of your current employees to see what they value most and what challenges they’re facing which might be supported by a new benefit.

If you want the benefits of a Dream Company, you need to become one. Building an inclusive work environment which helps people to grow, provides support, encourages transparency, promotes work-life balance and provides meaningful benefits will support employees… and your organisation.

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