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Back-up care: more than just a childcare solution

Did you know that Bright Horizons provides care for the whole family?

We know today’s families come in all shapes and sizes – with parents and children to grandchildren, grandparents, adults and elderly dependants, and more – and our workforces do too.

At Bright Horizons our innovative back-up care programme, Care Advantage, has been carefully developed in direct response to this and we’re proud to provide an extensive support network for your employees which provides care for all members of the family.

Infants and Children

Our infant and child care programmes provide support for a range of care requirements. Our emergency childcare can be booked in the event that normal care arrangements fall through at short notice, such as an unwell nanny and a last minute cancellation or event. Our childcare can also be arranged in advance for scheduled meetings and events, INSET days and appointments which might be outside of the normal routine. Unfortunately, colds and flu are inevitable but our back-up care also includes care for children who are mildly ill and unable to attend nursery, preschool or school, and we have a range of holiday clubs and specialist carers for children with additional needs.

Adult and Elderly

Elder care presents a growing challenge for employees, with millions of people caring for an adult and elderly relative. Caring can also impact on work as employees absent themselves from the workplace or find productivity reduced as they struggle to balance responsibilities.

In addition to childcare, Care Advantage also includes back-up care for adults and elderly loved ones.

Our dedicated in-home care team are on-hand to help alleviate the challenges of finding care and alleviate the worry that a family member is safe and well cared for.

Care is available for planned occasions (such as an appointment) or same-day back-up elder care for emergencies. What’s more, whether care is required for someone close by or at the other end of the country, our Care Consultants ensure that a carer is sent to the right person. Back-up adult and eldercare also includes care for an employee and their partners too!

Back-Up Care Advantage programme provides a safety net that in the unfortunate event when care arrangements fall through. But most importantly, it provides peace of mind that no matter what happens, high-quality, dependable care only a click, tap or phone call away.

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