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In case of emergency: call back-up care

From a minor cold to a last minute work meeting, we all experience unplanned challenges which require us to rethink our care and work arrangements. Whether we’re needed in the office or at home, the last thing we want our employees worrying about is 1. whether they’ll make the big meeting or 2. if they have peace of mind knowing their loved one is being cared for.

A good back-up care programme has a big requirement to fulfil and can alleviate these worries. It needs to enable our employees to think “WOW” and to provide peace of mind that no matter what we’re faced with, there’s an easy and practical solution available to support us.

We’re delighted to hear from some of our clients’ employees and how Bright Horizons Back-Up Care has helped when they need it most.

Case Study 1: Support in the School Holidays

“I have used the Bright Horizons Back-Up for both my school age child and my nursery age child. The school holidays are long and unfortunately between my husband and I we don’t have enough holidays to cover them all. My school age daughter has been able to attend school holiday camps in our local area subsidised through Bright Horizons Back-Up Care, and probably had more fun than she would have if she’d been at home with me! My daughter who is in nursery has attended her own nursery on a day which is usually my non-working day when I’ve had to attend work meetings or a hearing. This has meant that rather than pay for an extra day at nursery, we’ve paid a much lower fee subsidised via Bright Horizons Back-Up Care programme, and my daughter has been able to attend her own nursery with familiar staff, rather than either my husband having to take a day’s holiday, or us having to find alternative and less familiar childcare.”

Case Study 2: Help when normal care arrangements change

“Bright Horizons Back-up Care came to the rescue when my children’s nanny was ill.  A replacement nanny was arranged through the tremendously efficient and professional booking service: the staff called me back out of office hours and over a weekend to make sure the arrangements were in place.  A fantastic nanny came to our home for the 2 days needed, allowing me to work from home and meet the deal deadlines to which I was working.  If I’d had to arrange a replacement nanny under my own auspices, the costs would have been at least three times as much, and I doubt such a good service could have been found in any event.  This is an enormously useful resource for childcare emergencies and it is very reassuring to know it is available for those inevitable last minute crises!”

Case Study 3: In-home care for a mildly ill loved one

“I used the Bright Horizons Back-up Childcare when my daughter was sent home from nursery for 48hrs with a fever. We have no family living in the area and therefore one of us would have needed to take two days holiday at short notice to care for our daughter (leaving colleagues and clients in the lurch). Thanks to the back-up programme, a nanny arrived at our home at 8am and my husband worked from home to keep an eye on things. We needn’t have worried. The nanny that was allocated to us was perfect – she had her own children and grandchildren and she had years of experience working as a nanny. She also came thoroughly vetted through a professional agency who had checked out her references. My daughter really took to her and the two of them had a lovely day playing together whilst we were both able to carry on our work (and save our precious holiday days).”

Case Study 4: Support with permanent and temporary care

“I used the Bright Horizons Back-up Childcare Scheme when my nanny resigned and I didn’t have a replacement.  I used my 5 days very quickly but managed to secure the same nanny on each of those occasions.  I have also used the same nanny for additional babysitting duties independently which has been really useful.”

Helping employees to be able to manage work and personal commitments will not only help your employees but your organisation too. Even though we’re caring for children and adult and elderly loved ones directly, we’re really looking after your people. 

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