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Employee wellbeing: what's the deal?

Employee wellbeing is a popular term these days and it sounds great for your people. But if you decide to implement wellbeing benefits, what’s in the deal for you?

As the labour market continues to heat up, today’s organisations are striving to differentiate themselves as true employers of choice and those ahead of the rest are focusing on what our workforce are looking for: an organisation that not only cares about them as people but also supports their wellbeing too. Supporting employee wellbeing through resources and benefits will not only promote wellbeing but also help in attracting top hires and improving retention – not to mention boosting job satisfaction, engagement, and productivity for your people too.

We’ve pinpointed four key reasons why employee wellbeing is important:

1. You’ll have a resilient workforce

Employee wellbeing and resilience go hand in hand – those with high levels of wellbeing with have an easier time bouncing back from challenging events which might otherwise impact their performance and productivity.

2. They’ll be productive

When employees feel able to manage their work/life balance and integrate personal and professional demands, their productivity increases too.

3. They’ll be engaged and happy with their job

Employees who feel good about themselves and their work/life balance are more likely to feel good about their jobs than those with low-levels of wellbeing. They’re also more likely to talk to others about their careers and recommend their organisation too – supporting your recruitment and retention efforts.

4. You’ll have an energetic team

With increased levels of wellbeing, you’ll notice the difference with your employees’ actions and attitudes. They’ll have more energy, feel optimistic, miss fewer days off work and be able to meet job performance expectations.

Supporting employee wellbeing and paying attention to the needs of your people is a win-win for both the organisation and the employee. Through doing so you can create a great workforce with employees who are resilient, productive, engaged and who care about your organisation.

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