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5 surprising facts about today's millennials

They’re our tech-savvy employees born between 1980 and 2000, and already predicted to be the biggest generation in history but how much do we really know about millennials?

Sure, they’re nifty with an iPhone and enjoy city life compared to suburbia, but they’re also poised to reshape the economy, change the way we buy and sell, and cause in a shift in how we do business. If that wasn’t enough, they’re challenging the corporate culture of years gone by and taking a firm stance on the importance of work-life balance.

Want to know more? Here are five things that might surprise you about millennials:

1. Quality of life matters

Organisations are making great progress to improve their recruitment and retention strategies and career progression, so why would a dad walk away? Quality of life is an important consideration for their careers, with almost half of millennial dads considering a less stressful role and a pay-cut.

2. They’re hesitant to talk about family at work

They place their family above their work, but company culture means they’re hesitant to discuss personal obligations, with 47% of millennial dad faking sickness and 49% lying to their employer.

3. And the employer is taking the blame

Think company culture is a HR matter? Think again. Two thirds of millennial dads feel resentful towards their employer about their work/life balance.

4. Flexibility is on their wish list

With childcare and family time a key priority, flexible working is already on millennials’ minds and they’re leading the change, with 69% working flexibly.

5. Care is shared

Childcare is managed by mums, isn’t it? Not anymore. Dads are playing a key role too and want to be more involved, with more than one in five working dads sharing care responsibilities.

As the labour market continues to heat up and the war for talent increases, getting ahead of the curve and wise to needs of today’s workforce is a surprise worth knowing!

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