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4 steps to preparing your organisation for winter

The UK has some of the most unpredictable weather: one minute it’s glorious sunshine and the next it’s torrential rain – and that’s just in August!

While we can’t second guess the need for an umbrella or a sunhat, we can predict that at some point during the winter months there will be snow. It might occur overnight and range from a sprinkle of ice to a blanket but no matter what – you can guarantee it will still catch people by surprise.

So, with a few months’ warning, what are some of the lessons we can learn from winter’s past?

1. Prepare your people with the right tools

Three months of snow is unlikely but should this event occur, it’s important to make sure your employees can stay up to speed from whenever they might be. Productivity can be maintained with remote access to files, information and the ability to connect with customers and colleagues – making sure your organisation keeps performing.

2. Empower them to make a call

Not every job lends itself to flexible working but where possible, giving official permission to employees to independently assess weather conditions and make a judgement call on travelling into work can preserve safety while also saving time in traffic - maximising productivity.

3. Create an effective communications channel

“Should I” “shouldn’t I” is a usual debate when it comes to snow and travelling to work, and can often leave employees panicking or making the wrong decision. Providing a clear communications channel and a single source can easily fix the problem, enabling you to broadcast updates company-wide.

4. Anticipate additional needs

While the snow might hinder employees from reaching the office, it can also play havoc with their dependant care too as schools close to combat the cold and parents need to stay at home. A loss of productivity is just the tip of the iceberg too – with parents using annual leave or calling in sick to help. With one call, back-up care could solve the problem!

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