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Workplace nurseries a win-win family solution

In any modern day work environment, parents with young children will inevitably make up a significant percentage of a particular workforce.

As employers look to support such employees a workplace nursery is an ideal family solution and benefit, and parents will seek childcare arrangements that suit their needs and work-life balance. Workplace nurseries are a proven method to enhance employee loyalty and productivity. This is also a result of a breakdown in childcare or absence of being minimalised. 

Bright Horizons is proud to manage a number of workplace nurseries across the UK and conduct research to outline the impact such a benefit can have. One such study confirmed 96% of respondents state the presence of a workplace nursery is a key reason in their decision to join a particular company, whilst 93% said it would be an important factor if considering a change of job. 

One of Bright Horizons’ most prominent workplace nurseries is at RAF Northolt in Ruislip. Bright Horizons was chosen as the provider for the 72-place nursery as a result of our ability to understand the specific security needs at RAF Northolt, informed by our experience of operating six other nurseries at Ministry of Defence locations. 

“The nursery is essential for the operational effectiveness of our personnel,” stated Vee Howe, SQN LDR, OC PMS, RAF NORTHOLT. “Day to day we need people to be able to concentrate on their work without having to stress about childcare.” 

Further north sees another of Bright Horizons’ workplace nurseries, at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. Used primarily by university staff and students, the 99-place nursery has also been expanded to the local community since Bright Horizons was appointed to management back in 2004. 

“I am absolutely delighted with our partnership and have every confidence in Bright Horizons,” said Christine Buchanan, Dean of Students, at RGU. “Our nursery has expanded and become an integral part of university life, providing not only excellent childcare for students, staff and members of the wider Aberdeen community, but also forging cross-curricular links across the university’s faculties to mutual benefit.”

Ross Armour, Public Relations and Engagement Executive, Bright Horizons

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