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Back-up Care

What is Back-Up Care?
When care for families breaks down, employees miss work – an average of 8 days a year for parents[1]. A quick connection to high-quality, dependable child adult and elderly care not only enables your people to work – but also encourages the kind of focus that fuels engaged workforces and creative ideas.

Why Choose Bright Horizons?
Bright Horizons Back-Up Care solves absenteeism with an exclusive network of reliable, trustworthy and care – anytime, anywhere.back-up care family

  • 300+ Bright Horizons Day Nurseries and Preschools, including four exclusive nurseries on Canary Wharf.
  • 700+ additional high-quality nurseries and preschools.
  • 450+ out of school clubs and holiday camps.
  • Nationwide in-home child and adult care providers.
  • 1,100+ employer partners globally and over 30 years’ experience in providing care.
  • Ability to instantly confirm care 24/7, 365 days a year by phone and online.
  • Over 6 million lives covered.
  • 99% care requests fulfilled.

What our clients say?

  • 95% client satisfaction
  • 99% fulfilment rate

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