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Bright Horizons Business Consulting enables organisations worldwide to leap ahead through successfully leveraging the full potential of their people.

Whatever your business sector may be, it is people that lie at the heart of your organisation. If you are looking to attract and retain skilled talent, enhance productivity and improve engagement levels, Bright Horizons Business Consulting can help to explore how work/life initiatives can assist you with meeting these objectives.

At Bright Horizons, we’re proud to combine our deep, practical dependant care knowledge with our expert understanding of global markets and the challenges facing working families – and we deliver insight and offer recommendations for family-friendly strategies, enabling employers to harness the very best talent worldwide where they compete.

Our practice is made up of industry experts who assist our clients in determining the work/life issues of their employees, assess how those issues affect the organisation’s business objectives, and recommend family care solutions that integrate with core business strategies in order to create and sustain a competitive advantage.

Our services are truly global – we work with clients across a range of industries including market leading financial, information technology and legal companies. We also work with public sector organisations such as governmental and academic institutions, providing work/life solutions that are as diverse as our customers - we understand that no two countries’ challenges are exactly the same and that services which work in one part of the world may not resonate in another country. Our proprietary research includes data about best practices and key challenges related to working parents, women, millennials, and more.

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