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Consulting & Organisational Change

Bright Horizons Business Consulting enables organisations worldwide to leap ahead through successfully leveraging the full potential of their people.

We’re proud to offer a number of consulting services, including Dependant Care Needs Assessments, Workforce Wellbeing Study and Global Workforce Study. 

Dependant Care Needs Assessment 

From full time childcare to eldercare and more, family care needs can squeeze employees and impact overall organisational performance. Through years of experience across the full variety of industry sectors , we’ve honed a process of building a complete picture of workforce needs.

In coordinated efforts with leadership, we learn from employees about their current and anticipated child and elder care needs, the impact of unsolved challenges on their work performance, and the types of care support they’d use. We also analyse the workforce profile – including age, income, location, and number of dependants – and the potential impact of current and future dependent-care demand based on demographics intelligence.Through one-on-one interviews with decision makers, we clearly identify leadership goals and address objectives and perceived business challenges. We also work to clearly understand leaders’ impressions of what an optimal strategy would look like, and their precise definitions of success metrics for any proposed care solution.

Our comprehensive, in-depth analysis of each component – workforce intelligence, leadership objectives, and external factors – provides leadership with the data required to make the best decisions. A detailed report offers answers to the most critical questions about cost, locating space, anticipated usage, and projected benefits.

Along with analysis of gathered intelligence, we provide recommendations based on the organisation’s unique factors as well as our unmatched knowledge of shaping solutions that fit individual needs and meet ROI requirements. We will clearly define each service option, ensuring that all stakeholders are engaged , and our estimate of investment impact provides the tools needed to make the clear case for the solutions that fit your workforce.

Workforce Wellbeing Study 

Wellbeing refers to the sum total of things that make people feel grounded and capable of successfully managing life; the elements that together make them feel fully capable of putting in their best performances. These elements include all areas of life: family, community, work, and financial, as well as physical and mental health. Depending on the particular pressure points of the employee, factors affecting wellbeing might include caring for an elderly parent, saving for retirement, paying bills, pursuing a child’s higher education, losing weight, career direction, or having the time to be active in one’s community.

The best way to know what’s challenging our employees is to ask them. A comprehensive evaluation is unlike a typical employee opinion survey in that it is investigating, “How are you, our employee, doing?” rather than, “How are we, as your employer, doing?

Our evaluation takes into account leadership initiatives and goals as well as all critical areas affecting overall wellbeing including: resilience, personal life, health, financial wellness, and job satisfaction. Such information is critical. Nightmarish commutes, for example, are more than just the stuff of break room chats; they can have measurable impact on employee wellbeing and on key factors such as productivity and culture. The culmination of the Wellbeing Assessment is the strategy session. Our consultants meet with client leadership to thoroughly vet the study findings, the implications on strategic organisational goals, and then define priorities to inform an action plan. Resources are identified to make the action plan real and serves as a road map for not only positively impacting employee wellbeing but the wellbeing of the organisation itself.

The Wellbeing Indicator: Horizons Workforce Consulting has created the Wellbeing Indicator, the first of its kind, identifying where employees are doing well and where they need help. Customised to each client’s workforce, the Indicator serves as a clear roadmap illustrating where the organisation is succeeding in its wellbeing initiatives and where there is room for improvement. Down the road, the Indicator provides a benchmark for comparative reassessments, enabling clear views of both how response programmes are impacting employees, and which supports are — or aren’t — working. 

Global Workforce

Horizons Workforce Consulting experts have worked with employers around the world to identify and respond to specific challenges in each locale. We understand that no two countries’ challenges are exactly the same and that a service that works domestically may not resonate in another part of the globe. Our proprietary research includes data about best practices and key challenges related to working parents, women, Millennials, and more. We understand that, depending upon location, a company’s ability to thrive may be directly related to parental leave, working women, or overall policies related to wellbeing.

High-quality childcare is a key to working parents’ personal and professional success no matter where they are. For employers worldwide, helping parents with their childcare challenges is pivotal to both top performance and to employees who are engaged, productive, and dedicated to their organisations’ success. But to be effective, solutions must function within the framework of the individual country’s laws and traditions.

We’ve helped clients explore the impact of dependant care solutions on international workforces, and to successfully implement thriving international childcare strategies that support both employees’ needs and an employer’s strategic goals.

Horizons Workforce Consultants understand – and respond to – specific concerns about operating childcare overseas. The absence of local regulations and standards means there’s no framework for measuring, evaluating, or even defining what quality care in some countries should look like. Such lack of oversight creates both funding obstacles and liability concerns. Our knowledge of international requirements for employer-sponsored early care and education enables our consultants to address those concerns. We provide a framework that represents best practices in education, safety, hygiene, staff development, curriculum, risk management, and design, allowing employers to successfully launch culturally sensitive care in a variety of geographies around the globe.

The business benefits of consulting

Why invest the time and resources required to study wellbeing? Why engage experts to identify organisational goals and objectives aimed at improving employee wellbeing in the workplace? Challenges impede performances; wellbeing supports them. Understanding the unique wellbeing model for a given workforce enables us to complete a customised analysis and then develop a response strategy that illuminates what’s challenging a workforce and provides pathways for relevant responses. This type of progressive, proactive approach allows employers of choice to succeed and thrive inthe long haul. It also enables high-performing workforces to deliver sustainable results and gives a measurable competitive advantage.

Why choose Bright Horizons as your consulting partner?

Our experts make up the only team in the industry uniquely able to ensure that HR solutions are able to meet employees’ needs at every life stage, and that they are aligned with critical business goals. With more than 30 years of work/life experience, we offer an unparalleled client base and a successful track record of delivering customised strategies that deliver results targeted specifically to individual organisations.