8 Brilliant Family Games Perfect for A Rainy Day

Are you up for a bit of friendly competition with the kids? Check out a few of our favourite family games to enjoy with all ages

Looking for some new favourite games to whip out when you hear the inevitable chorus of “I’m bored,” when it’s raining cats and dogs outside? We’re sharing our top six games that can bring families of all ages together and may even prise your teenager’s attention away from their screens.

  1. Frustration (Hasbro Gaming)

For those in the know, it's Ludo by another name. This is the classic race 'n' chase game where you try and get your four coloured pieces into play, around the course, and safely back home. It's not that the gameplay is complex, far from it, but it's great for children aged 6+, and amongst close-knit siblings and friends it makes for a great deal of banter, pleading, and teasing, as hopes of a trouble-free run for home are dashed, thanks to a lucky roll of the dice. Where Frustration differs from Ludo is the self-contained dice in a plastic bubble, making for fair rolls, no lost dice, and a clattering clack-click sound every turn.. 

  1. Codenames

This combines several features of other games and tasks you with working out the identity of a mystery person. Working in teams, you give clues to your teammates and race against the opposition to work out who's who. Games can be quick and exciting and because the play relies on added improvisations of those playing the game, it can be a lot of fun as team-mates work out successful strategies for clueing in their colleagues.

  1. Articulate (Drumond Park)

Articulate is a real gem; great for not just bringing people of all ages together but also drawing shy people out of their shell. It's all about the tricky business of describing the word in front of you, without actually saying it. How would you describe a dog lead, for example? Or how about Paris? Or soup? And remember, no 'rhymes with' or 'sounds like' clues allowed. With just thirty seconds each go to get through as many words as you can, everyone gets lots of turns at both describing, guessing - and getting wound up as their teammates fail to guess what seems so obvious to everyone else. A firm family favourite to get everyone involved and interacting!

  1. Carcassone (Asmodee)

Named after the French city famed for its Roman and medieval fortifications, this is a game in which players try and build - and ultimately control - the city landscape. Gameplay involves laying down tiles with a piece of landscape on it, perhaps a road, or a city, or some grassland, as you and your opponents seek to develop the area around Carcassone. It's a game that's simple to understand, and easy to learn, but there are plenty of strategies involved and every game brings twists, turns, and plenty of tension. A game will last around thirty minutes to three-quarters of an hour, although expansion packs can be introduced to take the game to a whole new level.

  1. Pit (Hasbro)

Got a trader in the family or a wannabe trader? Played around a table, you're each a trader in the pit and need to shout to swap your cards between each other. You can connive and lie, cheat and bluff to get the sets of goods worth the most amount of money. Not for those who want a quiet life, but (almost) guaranteed to enthuse even the most tech-addicted teen.

  1. The Game of Life (Hasbro Gaming)

Will you go to college or not? Be a doctor or a designer? Get married, have children, or buy a cottage or a mansion? All these critical life dilemmas are covered in this delightful classic which has been updated to include more relevant jobs and more active challenges. It's easy to play, meaning it can engage younger children as well as older ones who still love the variety of activities throughout the journey. It also provides a great, low-pressure environment to talk about life goals, aims, careers, and more, all in a fun and casual setting.

  1. Monopoly Deal (Hasbro Gaming)

Whereas the original game is fun, it can go on too long, with one person monopolising (!) the best properties, Monopoly Deal is a simpler proposition, and in fact, is not really a board game. Each game is played using a deck of cards and no fiddly tokens, houses, hotels, and cash. A game can be completed in a fraction of the time of the regular board game and its versatility also means it's perfect for playing around a table (it's a great holiday keeper too).

  1. Kids Against Maturity Card Game (Nutt Heads)

Warning, this one is better for slightly older children (recommended age 8+). Kids Against Maturity is a fun & easy to learn game which is guaranteed to bring on fits of giggles. Each player gets 10 white answer cards and takes turns asking the blue question cards. Each questioner chooses the funniest answer, and the player with the highest amount of most amusing responses wins the game. But beware, their warning states: "This game contains age-appropriate toilet humour and innuendos, those who don't appreciate flatulence jokes, may not approve." There is, of course, the option to remove any cards that you don't approve of but one thing's for sure; just like other table-top board games, it'll get your children away from their screens for at least an hour. Hopefully.