Fundraising Activities to Try with Your Family

Looking for some fun and rewarding ways to spend time together as a family? Fundraising for charity is a wonderful way to enjoy each other’s company and do some good at the same time.


There are so many fun and easy ways to get your kids involved in charity work, plus it’s a great way to let them experience the reward of giving. If you’re looking for some exciting ideas to fundraise together as a family, whether it’s with your teenage or primary school child, then look no further.

1. Bake Sale

Host a Bake-Off in your kitchen and cook up a storm as you and the rest of your family sift (pun intended) through recipes, choosing ones that everyone can get involved in.

Whether it’s cupcakes and fairy cakes, Victoria sponges and chocolate cakes, or classic carrot cakes and swiss rolls, spending time together baking will create unforgettable family moments.

Once you have your assortment of baked goodies, you can host a cake and coffee morning at home to raise donations, sell them at the office to hungry colleagues, or check with the school and see if they’re happy for you to set up a table to sell your baked goods when the bell rings.

2. Charity Shop

Task your kids to go around their rooms and the playroom and hunt for toys, books, and clothes they don’t use anymore. You can scavenge the rest of the house and gather anything that you don’t want and might have otherwise thrown out.

Next, set up a pop-up charity shop outside your home. The kids can help to display and label everything and even have a go at making sales and giving change (great for those maths skills).

To get the word out about your shop, share a message on social media, send a text to friends and family, and ask your school if they can put something in the school newsletter.

3. Football

Footie-mad? Why not organise a community football match or penalty shoot-out? Spread the word among friends, neighbours, and put flyers up in local shops to gain interest. If you have a large enough garden, you can host it there, or simply use the community park.

You can do a parents vs kids match or even teachers vs pupils if you can get the school involved. Whip up some refreshments at home and buy some cheap medals and trophies to make things even more exciting.

4. Give it up!

This is a fun idea the whole family can get involved with.

Everyone in the family chooses one thing they enjoy and gives it up for the month. This can be anything from screen time (how will they cope?), eating chocolate and sweets, getting takeaways on the weekend, making TikToks, drinking alcohol, or anything else you can all think of.

Then all you need to do is create sponsor forms and get those sponsors in. Fingers crossed you’re not the first one to crack!

5. Jewellery

Perfect for crafting families, spend a weekend creating as many beautiful pieces of jewellery as possible. You can bulk order beads and everything you need to make bracelets, necklaces, and earrings online or from a hobby shop, and spend quality time together seeing who can be the most creative.

Once you have your gorgeous haul of homemade jewellery, set up a pop-up shop at home or at school (if you have permission) and raise money for charity while making your customers smile and sparkle.

6. Complete a Marathon as a Family

No need to wait for the official marathons across the world. Instead, complete your very own family marathon and enlist friends and family to sponsor you.

Remember, a marathon doesn’t have to mean running. You can split up the miles and do something different every couple of miles to keep things fun (as well as put in time for breaks). You can run, jog, skip, scooter, rollerskate, dribble a football or anything else that your family enjoys. If you have young children, bring them along in a buggy so they don’t miss out on the fun.

7.Tuck Shop

Speak to your kid’s school and see if they would be happy for you to host a charity tuck shop. This can be done after school and is a fun way to raise money with your kids while teaching them about handling money all at the same time.

You can buy your sweets and treats in bulk from wholesalers, then all you have to do is decide how much to charge for everything and get the word out.

8. Card Shop

This one is great for younger children as well as art-loving teenagers. Set up your very own card shop selling cards created with your children’s artwork. Grab your supplies and let loose with the paints and markers as your children try their hand at creating everything from birthday cards, anniversary cards, get well soon cards, and anything else you can think of.

You can sell these to friends and family as a sweet alternative to shop-bought cards.

9. Movie Night

Turn your lounge into a cinema and host your very own cinema night for charity. Swap couches for beanbags and floor cushions, buy some packets of microwave popcorn and drinks and hit the lights.

Choose a family-friendly film and sell tickets to your children’s friends as they enjoy a night of film fun, without the stress of going to the cinema en masse.

10. Easter or Halloween Parties

Depending on the time of year, you can host your very own themed parties to fundraise. For Easter, send invitations with a donation suggestion to guests and create an epic Easter egg hunt in your garden. You and the kids can create maps and clues to make things even more egg-citing, and provide refreshments for the guests.

In October, turn your home into your very own spooky house. You can buy decorations in bulk and even make your own. Create Halloween party games and make scary snacks by checking out recipes online. Again, with the invitations include a donation suggestion and have the most hair-raising fun while fundraising.