Secrets of Successful Savers

Our partners at nudge list their top six tips to become an effective saver.


We all know two things. Firstly, that if at all possible, saving is important and secondly, that once something becomes habit rather than a chore, you no longer even think about doing it. Before you know it, once you begin using regular routines and strategies, achieving your goals suddenly seems a lot more achievable than you might have first thought.

You’ll need to find a strategy to suit you as everyone is different and what works for one person might not work for another, but crucial to forming habits is repeating a behavior, so it’s the key is to find something that's workable, suits you and supports your circumstances.

A few firm favorites are…

  1. Treat your savings like any other essential outgoing like bills, rent or mortgage payments and add it to your monthly budget.
  2. Sweep up any ‘leftovers’ at the end of the month, week or day, though this only works if you have unspent money remaining from your budget.
  3. Pay yourself an allowance for daily or weekly spending money, so that you’re not tempted to spend mindlessly what you could be saving.
  4. Set yourself challenges, for example putting away £1 every day or £10 a week. Or, £1 in the first week £2 in the second, £3 in the third etc. The latter would build up £1,378 after a year. 
  5. Buckets or pots can help you clearly separate money into what you have available to spend and what you have to save or even help you save for different things – a wedding, a holiday, a home. There are banking apps that can help you do this, or you could try it in real life....
  6. Budget boot camp – Try having a no-spend month or week where your only outgoings go on necessities to see what you can really live on.


From our partners at personal financial solutions experts Nudge