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Supporting Employees 'Family Life addresses Gender and Generational Equity - 22 March 2022

Tuesday 22nd March 2022 - 2:30pm

Join Jennifer Liston-Smith our Head of Thought Leadership on the 22nd of March during the Global Insight Diversity & Inclusion Conference as she speaks about:

Supporting Employees 'Family Life addresses Gender and Generational Equity.

Do your employees' diverse family responsibilities already form part of your inclusion plans? They should do!

This quick, information-packed session will give you insights into the state of the nation when it comes to empowering your working parents and carers.

* The Bright Horizons Modern Families Index is an important year-on-year indicator of trends for working families. Hear this year's important insights into the mindset of parents and carers in the new world, with pointers for gender equity and generational inclusion.

* Find out what different generations expect from their employers in terms of family support?

* Understand which strategies are most popular in the competition for talent?

An excellent opportunity to meet with our team as well during the conference. 


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