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HR Review Webinar: New Best Practice for Parental Leave Returners

HR Review Webinar - 14th October 2021, 11am

We will be releasing the results of our Parental Leave survey in late September which will reveals what parental leave returners value most and what they expect from employers. With family life and the work-life equation higher up the organisational agenda, employers are competing more than ever to engage and retain new parents.

What actually has the most impact on retention when choosing between enhanced leave policies, coaching, management training, networks and a host of other possibilities?

In this lively discussion for National Work-Life Week, leading experts will address the elements of best practice for parental leave takers and debate the following

* What does Benchmarking data tell us about Parental Leave Policy trends across different sectors?

* Where do you start in deciding onyour organisation's specific needs and how do you measure impact?

* What role do managers and leaders playin creating a culture and walking the talk around empowering working parents?


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