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Our Work+Family Solutions for a better workplace

Our Solutions

Back-up Care

When a nanny cancels, school closes or an elderly relative has an emergency, your organisation can suffer. A reliable back-up programme helps ensure that disruptions at home don’t lead to disruptions in the workplace.

Our Solutions

Work+Family Space

Everything you need to help your working parents and carers - all in one place.

Our Solutions

Coaching & Development

We help businesses retain and develop their employees through key life-stages, with a special focus on the transition to parenthood and on-going support for working parents and carers.

Some of our clients

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“The nursery has helped with attracting candidates, but more especially has driven retention. Typically Microsoft see a risk point when an employee has their second child – our employees are high-earners and are taxed as such – the tax breaks which an on-site nursery brings really combat that exit point head-on.”
“I always feel much more secure in knowing that I have backup. It’s such a simple easy service to use and Back-Up Consultants are always available - even out of standard office hours.”
“Following the sudden departure of the last nursery provider Bright Horizons moved quickly to set up the new nursery and minimised the amount of time that the nursery remained closed. This was carried out in a highly professional manner by the team from Bright Horizons that was initiated at short notice to manage the transition.”



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