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One of the unique aspects of the Bright Horizons Back-Up Care programme is the positive impact it has on the childcare settings and agencies that join our network.

Benefits Include:

Bright Horizons - No Cost No Fees
No Costs or Fees: Be part of a nationally-recognised network of top providers at no additional cost to your setting or agency.
Bright Horizons - Increased Revenue
Increased Revenue: Each year, our Back-Up Care providers earn more than £17 million in additional revenue. Back-Up Care is also the fastest growing employer-sponsored work/ life benefit being offered in the market today. By partnering with Bright Horizons, your setting or agency can experience increased financial gains without taking on financial risks.
Bright Horizons Benefits
Ongoing Referrals: Families are often so pleased after using one of our contracted providers for temporary care that they request the same provider for future back-up care needs. You might also find that families contract privately with you for full-time care needs, or refer you to their friends or peers.
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Local Recognition: Collaboration with Bright Horizons may help you gain local recognition from Bright Horizons clients and their employees that use your setting or agency, and possibly lead to an enrolment.

Why Do Families Need Back-Up Care?

Working families need trusted, reliable and affordable care when their regular care arrangements are unavailable. Finding care at the last moment can be difficult, with family members missing work to personally care for their loved ones. The Bright Horizons Back-Up Care programme acts as a ‘safety net’, providing temporary care so they can go to work with the confidence that their loved ones are in skilled hands.

Through Back-Up Care, we offer our clients’ employees trusted and affordable temporary care for their loved ones, either in their home or in a childcare setting, such as a nursery, childminder or holiday camp. Organisations turn to Bright Horizons as the back-up care expert because of our proven track record and ongoing dedication to excellence in back-up care.

How Does It Work?

It’s easy! Bright Horizons handles all the logistics – you provide the care.

As soon as an employee of one of our clients has a need for temporary care, the employee calls us and speaks directly with our customer care team, who are available 24/7. The employee can also submit care requests online.

All families are required to register with the programme, ensuring that current information is available at the time of need.

Our team then works directly with you to arrange for temporary caregivers as needed. You don’t need to collect payment from the employee; after care has been provided, you bill Bright Horizons directly for your contracted rate and receive prompt payment.

Bright Horizons employs a full-time Provider Relations Team to support you in providing back-up care, including training, sharing of best practices, trouble-shooting and issue resolution.

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About The Network

To support the delivery of our Back-Up Care programme, Bright Horizons has created an extensive network of back-up care providers for children and adults or elders.

This nationwide network serves employers who wish to offer their employees high-quality alternative care for children and adult or elders when regular care arrangements are not available. The network includes a select group of experienced childcare settings, in-home childcare providers and home healthcare agencies.

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