Why Bright Horizons

Parental Leave. Gender Pay Gap. Hybrid & Flexible Working. Wellbeing at Work.

For over 30 years Bright Horizons has continually evolved to anticipate and provide innovative and practical solutions to support the changing needs of working families.

From Back-Up Care and Workplace Nurseries to Coaching & Development we can offer your teams a range of Essential Help and bespoke Expertise + Support.

With our expertise and your commitment, Bright Horizons can help you create a successful high empathy, high-performance working company culture.

From our extensive experience working with over 1,000 global clients, we know our services will help you boost productivity, create competitive advantage and improve employee retention and loyalty.

It’s a real win-win, where “the right” thing to do is also “the smart” thing to do.

How we support your business and your people

Our range of powerful, practical services provide the tools to enable everyone to be their best at work while supporting your organisation to achieve its strategic goals.

What's included:

  • Back-up care for children and adults of all ages
  • Workplace nurseries and nursery partnerships
  • 1:1 and group coaching
  • Tutoring for children
  • Pet care
  • Bespoke corporate consultancy
  • A suite of self-serve resources

Why partner with Bright Horizons

As the driving force behind innovative and award-winning business solutions for more than 35 years, Bright Horizons is the trusted partner to over 1000 organisations. Sectors we’re currently working with span the legal and professional services, financial, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, universities, and government agencies.

We are driven by our HEART principles of Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Respect and Teamwork, which shape how we interact with all our customers and partners. Let us help you to create long term competitive advantage by increasing productivity and engagement, enhancing employee wellbeing and improving recruitment and retention.

Our People’s Charter outlines what you can expect from us as your partner, and by being part of the Bright Horizons community.

Download our People's Charter Booklet

Our Bright Horizons UK Leadership Team inspires a culture of excellence and enthusiasm within an inclusive work environment.

Established in the UK in 2005, the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children makes a difference in the lives of vulnerable children and families by creating Bright Spaces, providing them with a safe place to, learn, have fun, build positive relationships, and can safely begin to recover from trauma through play. The Foundation is an extension of who we are and what we care deeply about - an opportunity to give back to the community.

Testimonials & Feedback

Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions Client - Royal Airforce

The Nursery is essential for the operational effectiveness of our personnel. Day to day we need people to be able to concentrate on their work without having to stress about childcare.

Vee Howe, SQN LDR, OC PMS, RAF Northolt
Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions Client - JP Morgan Chase & Co

For the business the benefit is easy to maintain and brings big rewards. Similarly for employees, access to emergency care brings them peace of mind and helps them to be productive and focused at work

Employee Benefits Manager (UK), JP Morgan Chase & Co

Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions Client - Burges Salmon

We trust Bright Horizons to have the best interests of our people in mind. Our relationship with them is open, collaborative, and we really enjoy working with them.

Senior L&D Partner, Burges Salmon