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How to become an organisation employees dream about

What’s the difference between a dream job and dream company? This was the main focus of both a recent Horizons Workforce Consulting study and our Solutions at Work LIVE event, which took place earlier this year.

Well, the answer is that there’s a big difference. A dream job is a skillset. A dream company is a place. A dream job is mobile and your skills move with you. A dream company is a commitment. Whilst it’s true that a person in a dream job would be exceptionally engaged in their role, such an arrangement only benefits one person at a time. “If your objective as human resource leaders is to find somebody for every job you need to fill for who it’s his or her dream job,” explained Bright Horizons CEO Dave Lissy, “that’s an incredible job.”

A Dream Company, on the other hand, supports all people rather than individuals – laying the foundations for more impactful and longer-lasting results.

So, if your plan to offer everyone a dream job is in fact creating their Dream Company, how do you do it?

Help people see the future

Providing learning and development opportunities and offering people the chance to advance their skills is one of the key characteristics of a Dream Company; it helps people to see a future with their organisation and to feel valued.

Help people to balance work and life and achieve a sense of wellbeing

Managing personal responsibilities alongside work can be a big challenge for many employees. Offering support via policies, programmes and culture and clearly communicating these can have a significant impact on the life satisfaction scores and enhance wellbeing.

Give people meaningful control

Transparency and honest communication are fundamental in helping people to feel they have control over their work. Giving control enables people to have input into matters which affect their work and therefore feel a sense of pride and responsibility – features of a Dream Company.

A Dream Company isn’t going to be the same for every person but with the employment market giving employees choices, many are shopping around for what they think is their dream job. With the right set of ingredients however, employers can go one better “if you can create a dream company”, Dave explained, “you can create a place where people come and say ‘wow, this is a place where I can learn and grow’”.

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