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New Early Years STEM Programme

In this day and age we are raising children who have so much technology readily available. Through a touch screen, today’s children have access to the entire world at their fingertips. Due to the fast paced nature of technological fields, we already know that many of the job roles on offer to the children of this generation, have not yet been invented! Children as young as 4 are being taught simple computer programming skills as part of the National Curriculum. The interest in STEM education has been ever more popular amongst early year’s researchers in recent years.

With the need for more workers within the STEM field, education as such is becoming more prevalent, with a more noticeable drive for increasing the number of aspiring STEM workers. A hope to inspire more females and different ethnicities has highlighted the importance of ensuring all children across the board are offered STEM education. According to BP’s website 94% of Engineers are male and 92% are white. At Acorns BP we aim to inspire all curious minds and spark passion for discovering, whilst securing all of the fundamental skills for learning.

At Bright Horizons Acorns BP nursery we are able to collaborate with BP professionals to create a ground breaking BP STEM programme for nursery!

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths lessons promote an understanding of the foundations of each subject through cross contextual learning. Cross contextual learning supports children’s understanding of concepts, by offering several different contexts for children to learn/practice the same concept or skill. Offering cross contextual learning experiences has been proven to reinforce learning and is a highly regarded method of teaching, within early years.

We are extremely fortunate to have some fantastic parent volunteers from BP who are working with BP STEM to develop engaging activities around the interests of the children and Bright Horizon’s Growing Programmes. These will be delivered to our children over two and activities will include anything from floating and sinking experiments to gardening, cooking and chromatography.

This interlinked with our “Growing Scientists” week on 5th March 2018 and concluded with a party to celebrate the start of Bright Horizons and BP STEM Partnership and 50 years of BP delivering STEM education.

“We are absolutely delighted to be working with Bright Horizons Acorns BP nursery. This is our first venture into inspiring the young minds of pre-schoolers and we have been met with enthusiasm from all involved. What a superb way to celebrate 50 years of BP STEM education!”

Sam Bulkeley, UK Schools Education Manager, BP

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