8 things that make employees say, “I love my job!”

It’s no surprise that in today’s talent market, it’s tough to find and keep employees. What might be surprising is what those employees are looking for. Hint: it’s not just the money.

Recruitment and retention: a checklist for the top talent market

So, what exactly attracts – and just as important keeps – today’s employees?

  • Ladders that go somewhere. No working lift stops at every level. Show people growth potential… and clearly illustrate (and support) the stops to get there.
  • Lattices that go somewhere else. Up isn’t the only way to go. Employees who are able to cross disciplines benefit everyone.
  • Appreciation for a job well done. The words ‘thank you’ cost nothing but you’d be amazing by the ROI.
  • Recognition for a job well done. Official recognition – by titles and salary increases – matter too.
  • Flexible time for planned schedules. Remote and staggered hours work are among today’s more desired benefits.
  • Flexibility for things that can’t be planned. Emergencies (regarding children, parents or other personal responsibilities) shouldn’t exact sideways glances, or worse… career penalties.
  • Support for people today. The trendiest benefit is worth little if your employees don’t want or need it. Find out who your people are and respond accordingly.
  • Help for who they’ll be tomorrow. Today’s 25-year-old is tomorrow’s working parent. And people gravitate to places where they can envision a future. Many employees told us they chose an employer that offers childcare.

Critical recruitment and retention strategies

Salary is one element of recruitment and retention. In an economy where the oft-quoted mantra is ‘benefits are the new salary’, pay will only get you so far.

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