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A shout-out to what today’s leading employers have in common!

A report published today (12 June, 2019) by Unicef makes for very bleak reading: the UK is one of the worst places in Europe for family-friendly benefits. According to the research, the UK currently ranks in 28th out of 31 countries for paid parental leave and affordable quality childcare, highlighting major challenges for working parents in balancing work and caring responsibilities.

At Bright Horizons, we’re serious when it comes to helping children, families and employers to work together to be at their very best; we’ve been providing innovative work-life solutions for over 30 years – from onsite, high-quality childcare to back-up care and more – it’s in our DNA. And while research such as this emphasises the need for greater family-friendly policies, it’s fair to say that not all companies are the same.

Some of the UK’s biggest names (and the employers we’re lucky enough to call clients) are one step ahead in providing a variety of family-friendly support for their employees – from offering dedicated onsite childcare and parental leave toolkits for mothers and fathers, to back-up care for children, adults and elderly loved ones. Our clients and their people tell us it's invaluable in helping them thrive, and retention, recruitment and culture gold.

But none of this is any surprise to us. Our clients have always been trendsetters – the top of the Fortune and Great Place to Work list, and recipients of multiple awards for innovation and reward.

We’re delighted to be working with each and every one of you – helping you to achieve your goals and be there for your people.

Thank you for setting the benchmark.