Bright Horizons is reimagining the parental leave experience

The accolades keep coming for the Bright Horizons Parental Leave Toolkit, an innovative digital coaching solution which supports both parents-to-be and their line managers throughout the planning and handover, leave and return process.

2021 has already seen the website side of the toolkit earn recognition at the UK Dev Awards and now the app has earned Best Mobile App Design from the Best Mobile App Awards.

Denise Priest, Director of Employer and Strategic Partnerships at Bright Horizons, says: “Our team has been leading in this space for over 15 years and we’re constantly innovating to continue building on our core concept: ‘the best of tech, coupled with the best of coaching’.

With teams now often working virtually, the toolkit creates an essential and effective way for managers to connect with team members throughout their parental leave journey, ensuring they feel supported, cared for and keen to return.”

The Parental Leave Toolkit is an affordable, scalable and unique coaching solution leveraging the best of tech and the best of coaching to facilitate a successful work handover, leave and return through the journey into parenthood.

Simply by entering leave dates and key areas of focus, leave-takers receive personalised weekly notifications providing timely support throughout the preparation for handover, leave and return. The toolkit will offer reminders, expert blogs, helpful tools and videos to cut through the overwhelm and provide support throughout the journey.

The toolkit can be customised to include signposting, content and terminology related specifically to an organisation, and now provides even more personalised support for the user, with the ability to self-select key areas of interest and offering online access to a range of support and live Work+Family expert advice for those times when only a 1:1 conversation will do.”

To ensure comprehensive support, line managers also have their own version of the Parental Leave Toolkit designed specifically to help them help their leave-taker. By sharing key dates together, they can work collaboratively to plan a successful leave and return.

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banner showing screenshots of the parental leave toolkit app on a mobile phone