Short and Tweet! Back-Up Care to the rescue!

Around here, we love it when working families succeed! It’s our mission after all to help children, families and employers to work together to be at their very best!

The only thing we love more? When we’ve been able to help families along the way!

So we were absolutely delighted to receive a ‘shout out’ from one of our working families at Deloitte!

“Feeling very grateful that @DeloitteUK provides emergency childcare, @BHFamAtWork has sent us a very lovely nanny who is currently playing with the baby so Mum and Dad can work. Thank you! #workingparents #familyfriendly

Thank you so much for your kind words, Laura! We’re feeling very grateful to be able to support your family and we’re so glad you think our nannies are pretty awesome too!

Work, family, career – working families really can do it all. It just takes a great employer like Deloitte – and a little help from some great back-up care!