Why Back-Up Care?

Because the common cold is all too common!

Ah winter. The crisp air, the crackle of snow underfoot and being tightly dressed in coats, scarves and mittens. 

Ah-choo! Sneezing, scratchy throats, runny noses – the other classic sign of winter and sadly the common cold.

This season cold and flu can spring up out of the blue. It’s tough when it’s you or your partner that’s feeling under the weather but when it’s your child, it can add a whole new dimension. Not only can it be worrisome for parents, but it can also cause mayhem at work.

  • Will I make that meeting at work?
  • Who can look after my child?
  • Do I feel good about the person caring for my child?

Even with a solution, the final question can undo a workday - even when we can make that big meeting.

So a good Back-Up Care programme has some tall orders to fill. It needs to stop panic in its tracks and instill peace of mind for families and employers alike – transforming the ‘argh!’ to ‘ahhh…’

At Bright Horizons, we’re so proud to work with so many leading employers and to support their employees through our award-winning Back-Up Care programme, including our good friends at Morgan Stanley. For one family, a poorly child could have meant a missed work day for both parents however we’re delighted that our Nanny was on hand to save the day:

“The nanny provided was excellent and our son had a fun day when he was feeling poorly.  My wife was very impressed with the nanny's ability and engagement with our son.”

Thank you, Morgan Stanley, for all you do to support your people and for choosing Bright Horizons. We’re here for you – and your people – this winter and all year round!