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Working parents are still facing the challenges of combining work and family. Find out how our Back-Up Care can support your employees and your business through the school year, school holidays and beyond.

The only fully inclusive solution for your whole workforce

Our education and care solutions provide a fully age and life stage inclusive solution for your employees. High quality fully vetted care and education solutions mean that we’ve got it all covered and you and your employees have peace of mind.

We have witnessed many leading employers (we work with over 400) begin to see the value of back-up care as a wellbeing benefit as well as a care support. Reflecting the evolving needs of today’s families, virtual tutoring and pet care can now be incorporated into a Back-Up Care Programme alongside child and adult care.

Comprehensive Back-Up Care

We provide the UK and Ireland's only comprehensive back-up childcare and adult dependant care solution.

When care breaks down, or a last-minute option is needed, we put the employee's choice of the best Back-Up Care in place wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Options include in-home childcare, nurseries, holiday clubs and virtual tutoring, plus in-home adult and eldercare. We now also provide pet care (dog and cat) for families’ four-legged loved ones.

New for 'Back to School 2020'

We're introducing learning supervisors and virtual courses as part of our in-home Back-Up Care programme to supervise and support school children with their studies when they can't attend school

We save our clients 80,000+ working days per year

They have happier, more productive and less stressed employees, and in most cases, we deliver at least three times ROI.

Everyone wins

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Back-Up Care that both you and your employees can trust

We work with 1,100+ employers globally and have over 30 years’ experience in providing care.

Our care network provides nationwide coverage in the UK and Ireland.

Bookings can be made 24/7 by app, phone or online

Back Up Care Devices

A solution that works for everyone

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Care Detail

Your employees simply choose the care they need, and their location

As a working mother this benefit is excellent. I have worked for other companies which do not offer this type of benefit and found it highly stressful when cover is required. It is one of the reasons I would think twice before leaving this company

Working Mum, Back-Up Care

And we display their closest Back-Up Care options available

Many of our providers have been added as a result of a direct request from a working parent.

All of our care providers are of very high quality and carefully vetted.

Fast Service

A fast and reliable service

Back-Up Care can be in place with as little as 30 minutes' notice.

Over 2/3 of our clients’ employees would have needed to take the day off without access to Back-Up Care

We provide employees with a stress-free, seamless booking process

The end-2-end service was seamless - I couldn't fault it. Thank you

Working Dad, Back-Up Care

Employees also have access to our Work+Family Space

It gives them access to a range of Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions that offers support, advice and information on all things work+family related, tailored to their family life-stage(s)

Watch our video

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from a few of the working parents and carers that use our Back-Up Care

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