Workplace Nurseries

Supporting organisations to solve employees’ childcare challenges. They provide access to high-quality and affordable childcare, conveniently located at or near the workplace.

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High-quality childcare is a priority for working families

A priority that can directly affect career decisions. Solve your people’s childcare challenges and transform a potential retention challenge into a competitive advantage. Family-friendly organisations are a magnet for high-potential employees looking to build a career and a family.  With Workplace Nurseries from Bright Horizons the evidence shows that you are more likely to Attract talent by showing potential employees that they can build solid careers at your organisation after starting a family.  The evidence also shows that this helps you retain talent and enable them to return to work after having a family with increases in productivity too.

Source: The Lasting Impact of Workplace Nurseries study 

Why choose Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons Workplace Nurseries offer high-quality, on- and near-site childcare for employees – tailored to complement the size and shape of every organisation.

At Bright Horizons we help employers think about:

  • What the demand will be for their nursery based on employee demographics and needs analysis
  • What size of facility is right based on this demand
  • What the costs look like from start-up to on-going operation
  • Options for managing a nursery - including regulatory and safety compliance, education and curriculum, payroll, benefits and HR

Solutions that work for everyone

A workplace nursery is a key joining decision for 94% of employees

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