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For employers that have 750+ people working at one site, a partnership with a local nursery will allow your people to save 30%+ on their fees, at no cost to the employer.

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What is a Nursery Partnership?

Nursery Partnership transforms the affordability of childcare for your people. Partnerships utilise the longstanding Workplace Nursery Tax exemption. Employers adopt minimally 10% of a nursery's capacity (often 5 – 7 places) for use by employees who pay their fees via salary sacrifice.

Bright Horizons operates over 300 high quality nurseries across the UK, many are close to employer workplaces. Through a Nursery Partnership, employers can offer a number of nursery places to their working parents, at one or more Bright Horizons settings, enabling them to make significant savings on the cost of care.

How does a Nursery Partnership work?

Through employer provision of childcare close to their workplace, employees will benefit from a full income tax and national insurance exemption, saving them between 32% and 52% on their nursery fees. The cost to the employer of accessing and supporting the nursery is funded from savings in employers' national insurance contributions.


The savings

Indicative savings for an employee that earns £35k per annum and has a two year old at a Bright Horizons nursery setting in South East England are:

Workplace Nursery Partnership Table

Putting a Workplace Nursery Programme in place

Bright Horizons agrees a partnership arrangement with an employer that provides nursery provision local to one or more of their sites.
• We work with the employer to ascertain likely demand and the appropriate number of nursery spaces required by employees.
• The employer agrees to underwrite this number of nursery spaces as theirs to utilise.
• Bright Horizons supports the set-up of the salary sacrifice process that allows employees to pay their nursery fees directly from salary.
• Bright Horizons will support the communication of the benefit to employees.
• The employer contributes to the financing of the nursery (at a level that is equivalent to the savings realised in Employers National Insurance Contributions).
• This benefit is accessed through our Work + Family Space – a customisable platform that offers a range of resources designed to help working parents and carers.

The impact of a Workplace Nursery

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A workplace nursery is a key joining decision for 94% of employees

Nursery Partnerships

Enabling employees to save 30%+ on nursery fees at no cost to employers.

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