UK Work+Family Snapshot 2024

Each year we conduct research among our clients’ employees to highlight trends, needs and any challenges they experience as employees, parents and carers and understand more about their evolving family support expectations.

This strategic approach assists you, our clients, in maintaining your competitive edge in the market, while also providing the data to enable other employers to advocate for the supports they may wish to introduce in the future.

This year, over 1,800 employees responded across 198 of Bright Horizons clients and multiple sectors.

Emerging trends highlight the hugely positive impact of care provision and family-inclusive culture on employee productivity, performance, and wellbeing, and a strengthened employer brand. Family support also helps to level the gender imbalances in the working world. However, respondents indicate that family-friendliness means different things to different generations, and as such, employer support will need to be inclusive across varied family structures to engage employees across the board.

The report ends with actions for forward-thinking employers and provides an insight into the impact this support has on their employees’ lives, loyalty and engagement.

You can download your copy of the UK Work+Family Snapshot below:

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