Work+Family Snapshot

Insights and Q&A

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Join us on Tuesday 18th June at 11am on Zoom

June will see the launch of our annual Work+Family Snapshot research revealing the trends from our clients' employee populations. This online briefing will highlight key insights and offer a Q&A opportunity to our clients to explore the findings.

The research points to current and future challenges for working parents and carers, and shows what they value from their employers. It points to the links between family supports and productivity, wellbeing and engagement.

Come along to this client forum to understand the implications, dig into the data, share ideas, raise questions and seek to understand more about the wants and needs of employees, parents and carers.

We’ll discuss how our clients’ employees sentiments compare with the wider UK population through our Modern Families Index. This points to key strategies and tools employers can use to provide boost support and aid retention.

This online event will include:

  • Implications of new employee research: what’s working well and what can be built on.
  • Interactive polling, discussion and Q&A, check-in with how the findings resonate with other leading employers.
  • Strengthen your internal business case with statistics that demonstrate the real value of family-friendly services in productivity, wellbeing and engagement terms.

We look forward to joining you online on 18th June.

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