Top 5 Benefits of Employing a Nanny for Working Parents

For so many parents, finding that sweet spot with work, life and childcare is an on-going challenge. Our partners, Nannytax, discuss the benefits employing a nanny can have on your work/life balance.

Ad hoc nannies, nanny shares and after school nannies are becoming increasingly popular part-time childcare choices that have made employing a nanny more accessible to modern day working parents across the UK. Check out our top five reasons for employing a nanny:

1. Nannies Work Bespoke Childcare Hours

When you look to employ a nanny you can choose the exact hours you require for your childcare. This is something unique to a nanny in comparison to nurseries and childminders who operate on their own set hours and may close for the holidays. With a nanny, you only pay for the hours you need. Incorporating your nanny’s working hours around school provides further convenience and removes the pressure for parents to take paid or unpaid leave during these times of the year. Overtime is another option unique to a nanny if an unexpected commitment arises or your child is unwell and needs to remain home from school or nursery.

2. Nannies Offer Unique and Specialist Skills

When you look for a nanny you have the ability to choose exactly who cares for your child; their experience, qualifications and skills. Some parents employ a nanny with qualified teacher status in Primary school curriculum to support their children with schoolwork. Others require a bi-lingual nanny to support their child with a second language. A nanny agency can support you with finding a nanny with the experience, qualification or skills you are looking for.

3. Nannies & Parents Can Form a Great Partnership

Nannies can work alongside you to bring up your children how you wish, in line with best practice and standards. A nanny can align with your parenting style, house rules and discipline techniques whilst offering their nanny wisdom and experience along the way. Nannies can also provide detailed updates on your child as they will have spent consistent one-to-one time with them. 

4. Nannies Can Actually Be Cost-Effective

A nanny is considered one of the most expensive childcare options. However, the cost-saving benefits of a nanny become apparent if you have more than one child. A nanny charges by the hour and the cost does not go up (or only rises a little) for additional children. This means the cost for a full-time nursery place per child can actually end up more expensive for families with 2-3 children or more. Nanny shares provide further financial advantages as you split the costs with another family. Additionally, Ofsted nannies can accept payment through Tax-Free Childcare (if parents meet eligibility criteria).

5. Nannies Can Give You Maximised Quality Time with Your Children

When you employ a nanny as your childcare provider it’s common to negotiate additional duties such as light house-keeping, meal prep and even homework support (all should be outlined in the contract of employment). This can really help lift the parenting load when it comes to menial, time-consuming tasks that can prevent you from having one-to-one time with your child when you’re home from work.

For example, returning from a long day’s work a nanny could have your house in shape, your children clean and fed, packed lunches in the fridge and school uniforms clean for the next morning. This means you have maximised quality time to spend with your children before bedtime or at the weekends.

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Nannytax have just launched the 20/21 edition of their Nannytax Nanny Salary Index which showcases the average salaries for nannies across the UK.

Below are some of the London Nanny Salaries:

Live-out nannies in Central London earn an average gross wage of £14.49 an hour.

Live-out nannies in Hertfordshire earn an average gross wage of £12.64 an hour.

Live-out nannies in Surrey earn an average gross wage of £13.24 an hour.

Live-out nannies in Greater London earn an average gross wage of £13.21 an hour