A Best Practice Webinar

for HR & Line Managers: Forward (not Back) to work: A conversation Watch On-Demand

A pro bono webinar for managers & HR professionals exploring the challenges of managing teams in these times of change, uncertainty and opportunity.

As we move forward following full, extended lockdown there are many questions to answer about how we might prepare for new working practices, changed team dynamics, the scale of the challenges and also the breadth of opportunities that lie ahead.

Some colleagues will be resuming roles from remote desks following furlough leave, others may be heading back to shared office space… but all of us will be asking questions about our new norms and the implications of these for our teams and wider organisation. This webinar, for line managers and HR professionals, recorded on May19th 2020, explores how can frame-up and ‘get our arms around’ what needs to be done to be effective and market-leading in managing bold and creative strategies for our new context.

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