HR Webinar

Wellbeing Goes Wider than We Thought – Strategies for Work-family Balance in the Hybrid World – Part of the Hr Leaders Conference – Download Pdf

This conference took place on 10th May 2022 in Central London, and the slides are available to download here.

In 2022, our people are bringing more of themselves to work. With a 'post-pandemic' mindset, we understand much more about our employees' wider lives and the way that the rising generation sees work as just one part of life.

Jennifer Liston-Smith our Head of Thought Leadership shared insights from the latest research into the needs and aspirations of working parents and carers.

We shared a model of best practice covering cultural, wellbeing and practical pathways for engaging this key population. Managers play a pivotal role and need just-in-time information. Networks matter and topics under discussion are getting more and more personal. Enhanced parental leave is important, but not the whole story.

This highly interactive session will equip you with take-away learning you can put into effect as an employer of choice for working families.

Download Session Slides Here