A nationwide network of childcarers for key workers is available now

At Bright Horizons we spend our time helping working parents and their employers make work+family work. We provide care solutions, be they long term in our nursery network or Back-Up Care for individuals in emergencies or employer subsidised care, through our unique nationwide network of Nurseries, Nannies, Childminders and School Holiday Clubs. Full time care for key workers: Immediate access to 30 Bright Horizons Nurseries

Our nurseries in key locations are remaining open. Places are available immediately and we are waiving the registration fee for key workers. Click to find out more. If you think our Nurseries or Emergency Childcare might be helpful to your keyworkers, please do share these links with them and we’d be delighted to help.



We work with over 300 employers in the UK and provide employer subsidised Back-Up Care to reduce absenteeism and provide overall support for balancing work & family commitments for your organisation. If you’re not one of them, are planning ahead and are interested in how our employer solutions might help, find out more and get in touch.