“I nearly cancelled”. Back-up care saves the day

We know that for any parent, when our little ones aren’t feeling 100% it can be really unsettling. And when we’re also planning to be attending an important meeting, or hitting a deadline at work, the pressure can mount.

For one parent, this was the tough reality. Back-up care had been arranged but the likelihood of cancelling care and missing work altogether was high. But we’re absolutely delighted to hear the trust that our families have in us and that our Back-Up Care programme and our amazing carer Debbie were on hand to save the day:

Debbie was absolutely fantastic. She was so engaging and had brought some toys and planned some activities. Even though my daughter was unwell and I was working from home, she was happy to be with Debbie and to go out with her and didn't make any complaints - which is a first as she would generally prefer to be with me.  Please pass this feedback on because I nearly cancelled the care after my daughter was unwell as I was certain she would reject a new nanny!

Thank you for sharing your stories and feedback. 

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