Leonardo introduces new flexible family friendly benefits to support employees

Leonardo in the UK is partnering with Bright Horizons to provide benefits, including access to five annual Back-Up Care days for working parents and carers, to cover breakdowns in childcare, and support with adult care or elder care. This is part of its wider commitment to employee wellbeing.Leonardo introduces new flexible family friendly benefits to support employees - logo red

The company's 8,500-strong UK workforce will have access to Bright Horizons’ Work + Family Space platform, which enables them to book alternative care when their regular care arrangements break down. This wide-ranging care supports employees’ wellbeing, engagement, productivity and career progression. Virtual tutoring is also available for children aged 4-16 as part of the initiative.

Leonardo Employee Benefits and Recognition Manager, Stephanie Allison, said: “We are very pleased to partner with Bright Horizons to provide family-friendly support to working parents and carers, to help them balance the demands of their working life with their responsibilities at home.

“The new benefit reflects our commitment to inclusion and diversity, since it helps working mothers and fathers to manage their commitments so they can stay in their roles or return to work. Furthermore, it gives our employees a sense of wellbeing and peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are being cared for by qualified professionals, helping to maintain a family-friendly working culture.”

Angela Stalker, Head of Client Services at Bright Horizons, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Leonardo to help provide support to its employees with caring responsibilities. The number of employees who combine work with full-time caring responsibilities continues to grow, and Back-Up Care fills the gaps when regular care arrangements fall through, or a last-minute option is needed.

“Our data shows that employers like Leonardo, who recognise the importance of accommodating the personal needs of staff, benefit from increased productivity, engagement and loyalty.”

Bright Horizons works with over 400 organisations in the UK to provide access to a wide range of services, including Back-Up Care, resources and expert advice. Data shows that these companies have collectively saved over 110,000 working days per year. Globally, Bright Horizons works with more than 1,400 companies.