Moneysupermarket Group: beyond comparison!

In 2016, the investment in digital technology in the UK reached a staggering £6.8 billion. Despite Brexit uncertainty, this has generated an estimated 1.64 million jobs and established the UK as leaders in digital innovation, output and growth.

With exciting growth forecasts and an increasing number of specialist roles required, technology companies are striving harder than ever to attract and retain highly-talented and skilled individuals and differentiate themselves as an employer of choice.

The Rise of the Returners

In the battle for talent, retaining those who take leave and attracting back those who take a longer break is a must. Career breaks can be taken for many reasons: from short term travel and volunteering programmes to sabbaticals.  But most often, they’re taken to care for family and this can range from several months to several years. For new and expecting parents, the prospect of returning to work after a period of leave, and combining work with family life, can leave many deciding not to return at all.

This group is arguably the greatest untapped talent pool: skilled, qualified, with a wealth of experience and at the peak of their careers. For employers, there’s a clear call to action for supporting working families and prevent this leak in the talent pipeline.

Moneysupermarket Group

One organisation which has seen this opportunity – and who we’re so proud to call one of our clients – is Moneysupermarket Group. An innovative leader in the financial technology sector, through their leading and trusted brands, the Group is committed to providing its customers and users with the services, tools and products they need to grow their money. In 2018, they helped users to save an estimated £2.1bn on their household bills – pretty great, right!

But in their own words, “We wouldn't be Moneysupermarket Group without our people. And our people are pretty awesome!”

Attracting and retaining the very best talent means more than just hiring the individual, but their family too – whether that’s three children, an elderly loved one, a cat, dog or even hamster. Moneysupermarket Group offer more than a career, but a pathway for their people to grow and thrive with confidence.

Parental Leave

Our 2019 Parental Leave Benchmark surveyed over 400 companies nationally, including almost 60 technology companies, and provided insight into organisations’ current offerings, how things have changed over the last four years since the introduction of Shared Parental Leave, and their plans for the future. The data for the technology sector revealed that:

  • 76% of technology companies enhance maternity pay beyond the minimum standard.
  • 30% enhance Shared Parental Leave beyond statutory requirements.
  • 76% enhance paternity pay beyond statutory levels.

And Moneysupermarket Group? Well, they ranked #1 in Fintech category and #5 overall – offering enhanced Maternity, Shared Parental Leave and Paternity pay for every individual.

Combining work and family goes far beyond parental leave of course and Moneysupermarket Group provides much more. For working parents seeking employment or those returning to work, the Group is certainly reinventing their parental experience for the better.