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The unique online and app coaching solution for new parents and the managers who support them

Our coaching solutions work

Our range of coaching solutions helps businesses retain and develop employees through life's big transitions. From the new parent transition to becoming a carer we support your people to thrive at work and at home.

We help our clients achieve the ideal blend, meeting their aims, their employees' needs, and their budget.

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We've built a unique online and app solution:

  • A user-friendly app, personalised for any type of parental leave, with easy access on multiple platforms
  • 1:1 access to childcare professionals, work+family experts and parent transition coaches
  • Support for each stage of leave, with timelines synced between leave takers and their managers
  • Management Dashboard for HR
  • Globally scalable solution that can be tailored to your organisation’s processes and policies
  • Use as a standalone product or as part of a blended coaching solution

Full Inclusive | Intelligent Reporting | Joined Up Solution | Globally Scalable

Transparency, and intelligent reporting

One of the biggest challenges for employers is keeping track of who is taking leave, when and how.

Parental Leave Toolkit metrics provide employers with greater insight into their parental leave population and enables them to understand the value to employees.

The Parental Leave Toolkit is the only solution on the market that combines the best in class coaching insights with the employer’s need to access management information relevant to locations and leave plans.

Solutions that work for everyone

Download guide
Download guide
Parental Leave Toolkit - My Team

Individuals input their dates and type of leave

And we create a bespoke easy-to-follow plan for their leave and return to work.

Their leave plan suggests what they need to think about, do, and when to do it.

Behind the Toolkit is a highly sophisticated programme tailoring content to the individual’s (and their line manager’s) journey.

"By having access to Parental Leave Toolkit I felt supported by [my employer]. After having coaching, the resources over the coming months were supportive. Weekly Bundle reminders are also just right for giving me the right information, when I need it."

Siobhan, Financial Services

Parental Leave Toolkit - Notifications

Keeping on track

Helpful emails and in-app notifications make following the leave plan easy.

We provide timely suggestions, with access to the resources they need, written in plain English.

"The tools and Weekly Bundles are clear to understand, easy to access, and useful. I particularly enjoyed being able to look at the Parental Leave Toolkit as and when I wanted."

Ani, Leading Banking Client

Parental Leave Toolkit - Planning Checklist - Handover and Hand-Back

Checklists and interactive tools

Checklists can be customised for individual needs, and interactive tools provide engaging ways of thinking through issues and options.

"Parental Leave Toolkit provides good reminders on countdown and key steps of going back to work."

Sinead, Financial Services

Parental Leave Toolkit - 1 Week to Leave - Activate your support network

Shared experiences and top tips videos

We provide helpful advice and share insights from new parents, coaches, and experienced managers.

"The resources and tools section is outstanding. I love the matrix to help me look at prioritising what's important to me. Life is about balance, and these tools help me with that."

Anne, Insurance Sector

Addressing the professional aspects

We provide support for all aspects of an employee's professional transition. Everything from managing stakeholders, thinking through working arrangements and maintaining their profile, through to a successful return to work and ongoing blend of career and family.

"Just when I thought juggling home and work was too much, [my employer] is here to support with the Toolkit, to help make memories not worries..."

Laurie, Financial Sector

Parental Leave Toolkit - My Plan - Time to do a little local research

Taking care of the personal side

We help with everything from choosing and finding childcare, to building a support network and developing confidence.

It's all about enabling new parents to work out how their new work+family world can best work for them.

"Full of useful hints and tools. This was my first, and everything was starting to be a bit overwhelming. I feel so much better having read about others in the same boat, and going through the wealth of tools."

Savita, Legal Sector

Parental Leave Toolkit - My Team

Parental Leave Toolkit for Managers

We help managers to plan and have better conversations with new and expectant parents; ensuring a smoother transition for all.

Brilliant - the Parental Leave Toolkit gave me what I wanted, exactly when I needed it to make sure my team member left and returned, ready to resume their career."

Stephen, Leading Law Firm

Retain your new parents and engage their managers

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