Bright Horizons HR Webinar:

The Top 5 ways to support and retain your working parents and carers in 2023

Our Bright Horizons HR Webinar from 4th October 2022

2022 has been a year of tumultuous change. As we move towards its end, organisations are planning for 2023. We are wise enough to know we can't predict everything but there are some known forces and trends at play: we've seen transformations in how we work, and a greater focus on what employees need and want, across multiple generations, in a volatile talent marketplace. We are living with the economic and mental health pressures of our post covid, high inflation world amid daily reminders of wider political and climate concerns all of which offer HR and business challenges. Over 40% of the workforce will have some kind of caring responsibility from young families to eldercare. So how do you plan to engage and retain this valuable, experienced population?

  • Gain insights across the year so far into the specific supports working parents and carers really need now and in the future from their employers.
  • Access a wealth of resources providing evidence of the impact of family friendly policies and benefits for this key population enabling you to benchmark and identify Return on Investment.
  • Keep up to date with trends and innovation among leading employers across multiple sectors and how they are adapting their approach in the current landscape.
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