Speak to an Expert

The challenges of combining work and family

Finding the right answers to work+family related questions and dilemmas can be difficult. And although there's often a lot of information 'out there', sometimes there's no substitute for a helpful discussion with someone who really knows what they're talking about.

That's where our Speak to an Expert service comes in. We understand the issues and can find the solutions to the challenges of combining work and family..

Our friendly team of experts, including our Bright Horizons specialists, our partners and associates, are all highly experienced in their field.

They're passionate about helping people make work+family work better. We take a friendly, straightforward, honest approach and we provide advice that's genuinely relevant to individuals without them having to search for it.

We're only a phone call away and can help employees with anything from questions about care to dealing with emotional issues, practical challenges, parenting or work related matters.

Some of the feedback we receive:

I wish I had reached out sooner! it was such a great conversation, I felt really reassured and Lena gave great advice and ideas.”

"Very knowledgeable. Took the time to listen to our concerns and gave us appropriate advice based on what we were saying rather than just generic advice that wasn't applicable. She was very warm and kind and understanding. Overall fantastic experience."

"Got an appointment the same day and my problem was very well understood. The Expert came up with a plan very quickly and emailed it to me."

"It was high quality and very fast, I felt very reassured and certainly makes me feel appreciated by my employer."

"Both the initial call handler and esp the counsellor were so supportive, patient, positive and understanding."

"She was really knowledgeable and a great listener. Made me feel like she was interested from the start on the conversation to the very end."

"Really fast and very helpful. Impressed by the quality of suggestions we received and the calm pace of the conversation."

"She followed up with a very thorough email which provided plenty of additional information."

"The expert provided practical guidance and sources of information but did not claim or try to 'know the answer'. His willingness to share personal experience was also valuable and helpful."