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Trusted advice and support. Practical tips for all life's challenges. All in one place.

Our Work+Family Space is a bespoke resource hub, created for all your people, at every life stage, to help navigate work and family life.

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Bright Horizons Work+Family Space - Why it matters

Why it matters

Family responsibilities are as diverse as individuals. Great people still have challenges.

Juggling work, family and self isn’t just a dilemma for working parents but also for those with adult, eldercare, and other responsibilities.

The Work+Family Space is a rich library of timely resources, showcasing all the benefits you provide and enabling your employees to access services and solutions for topics both personal and professional.

Add value to the lives of your employees by providing this simple, cost-effective solution.

It’s work. It’s family. It’s work and family.

Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions - App Screenshots

How it works... for Employees

Easy 24/7 access to practical, emotional and developmental support, advice and information, signposting all the benefits you choose to offer your employees, including:

  • Advice for every life stage and every job role, from intern to C-suite
  • Access to Back-Up Care solutions tailored to your company budget
  • Support and help for managers their working parents and carers
  • Bespoke coaching & development opportunities
  • Advice and webinars available live and on-demand
Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions - Insights & Metrics

How it works... for Employers

The Work + Family Employer’s Dashboard gives businesses the insight and data needed to measure impact and ROI. We'll set it all up for you, and provide you with:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • User profile information, and regular usage reports
  • User feedback and service uptake data - enabling you to identify impact and value
  • Curated resources for managers
  • A fully managed comms and engagement programme including regular topical support – what you need, before you know you need it

Solutions that work for everyone

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