Work+Family Webinars

Throughout the year we run a series of upbeat, practical and interactive webinar events for working parents and carers and their managers.

All our facilitators and presenters are skilled professionals in their fields and include our core coach team and wider network of experts and partners. From a strong research basis, we unpack the context and reality of work and family today.

Our webinars are designed to guide individuals towards reflection and action by providing coaching tools, expert advice and workable tips for the best way forward.

We get great feedback:

"A thought provoking webinar packed with helpful information. Highly relevant to our current work situation in the face of this pandemic."

"I joined in hoping for a nugget or two of advice that I could practically use & got more than I expected. Thank You!"

"I really appreciated this & will make a point of listening to it again & recommending it to both my staff & my management peers."

"Great session and really enjoyed the informal and supportive tone of the entire session. Thank you all, so easy to overlook the guilt and caring responsibilities"

"Helpful, practical tips that should make it easier to manage my own expectations and maintain productivity..."

"100% recommend"

"Interesting, diverse and compassionate panel who talked candidly and clearly giving tips about how to work from home, effectively and harmoniously."