PLT/Coaching Product Webinar:

Best Practice to help your Parental Leave Returners come back, flourish and progress

This is an on-demand webinar.

In a competitive environment for talent retention, are you doing enough to ensure new parents have a well-managed period of leave, return confidently, stay and progress their career? Working parents were highlighted as a target demographic in the Spring budget. How do you manage the parent transition so well that they don’t become a leak in your talent pipeline? Discover a one-stop solution, and best practice advice, in this short webinar.

There are practical steps to take before, during and on return from leave. The solutions are much broader than enhanced leave policies ranging through coaching, mentoring, management training, app-based support, networks, care solutions and more.

This 30-minute webinar guides you through best practice, using the experience of Bright Horizons’ globally-used and award-winning Parental Leave Toolkit and Coaching to highlight what works best to engage and support both team members and managers.

Find out what leading employers are doing to retain and empower this key talent population; get answers to the following much-asked questions (see below); and ask new questions of your own:

* How can you design the right programme for your organisation, with the greatest impact?

* What role do managers and leaders play in creating a culture and walking the talk around empowering working parents?

* How do you enable working parents to remain visible in a flexible and hybrid working world?

* Are your policies fit for changing gender expectations, and a wide range of family dynamics?

* How will you build your internal business case and measure impact?

Our panel of speakers include:

Iole Matthews, Head of Coaching Services, Bright Horizons

Emma Willars, Work and Family Academy Manager, Bright Horizons

Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Thought Leadership, Bright Horizons

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