Events & Seminars

Bright Horizons & HR HQ Podcast: The Interview Series – Conversations that Matter

Flexible Family-Friendly Working: what does new best practice look like? - 18th June 2021

Avoiding Burn Out: The neuroscience of stress management

The Festival of Inclusion in Hospitality, Travel and Leisure 12-13 May 2021

Enabling "life balance" and family - friendly environments to boost support and engagement - 29th April 2021

HRreview Webinar: What’s Next in Work-Life Balance? - 13th May 2021

Legal Island - Diversity & Inclusion Summit 2021- 25th March - Ireland

Flexibility & Becoming A New Family Inclusive Employer – Watch on Demand

Employee Benefits Insights Series 15-19 March 2021

<span>Supporting</span> Work &amp; Family: Managing the Balance in the New World &ndash; Watch on Demand

HPMA Webinar - Best Practice for Wellbeing and Family Life for Health Professions Employees - WATCH ON DEMAND

HRreview Webinar: Family-Friendly Hybrid Working – WATCH ON-DEMAND

What Next for Employers in Ireland? Working Parents, Wellbeing and the New Normal - watch on-demand

HRreview Work+Family Reimagined - watch on demand

Financial Sector Employer Experience: Work+Family, Wellbeing & What Next? - watch on-demand

Back to School: Managing routines and transitions to the new normal Watch on-demand

A Best Practice Webinar for HR & Line Managers: Forward (not Back) to work: A conversation WATCH ON-DEMAND

<h3><strong>REBA</strong> EMPLOYEE WELLNESS CONGRESS</h3> <h3>SEPTEMBER 9th, 16th &amp; 23rd&nbsp; 2020</h3> <p>&nbsp;</p>

The Legal sector: Family-Friendly in the time of Coronavirus WATCH ON DEMAND

HRReview Webinar: Family-friendly business practice on a global scale. Watch on demand

HRreview Webinar: Work+Family - A paradigm shift? Thursday, 30th April 2020

Gender Pay Gaps and Shared Parental Leave: The Changing Landscape for Family-Friendly Employers in Ireland. Thursday, 7th May 2020

Working through Covid: The Insurance Sector Watch On Demand

Employer Experience & Best Practice HR Webinar - Technology Sector. Watch on-demand