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Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions Webinar - Care Solutions in the Hybrid Working World

Work deliverables are no longer tied to time and place in the hybrid working world.

Employees expect more choice and have higher expectations of employers in how they work and achieve a balance. Employers likewise see the productivity and engagement benefits of greater autonomy in how people work.                          

At the same time childcare provision has become seen as a vital part of the business infrastructure.

This focused webinar unpicks the options for forward-thinking employers who want to empower their working parents with childcare solutions for the flexible and hybrid working world.

Come along for answers to the following much-asked questions; and ask new questions of your own:

  • How are leading employers providing employees with care solutions in the hybrid working world?
  • How do you best combine workplace nurseries and near-site nurseries to support, new dispersed ways of working?
  • What back-up and ad hoc solutions do employees most need and value in these changed times?
  • How can you support your employees with sourcing care and weighing up their options in the hybrid world?
  • What does a truly flexible care provision look like now, to empower employees?

Join Experts from Bright Horizons for insights and practical advice, chaired by Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Thought Leadership at Bright Horizons and leading influencer in her field. 

Join us at 11AM for a 45minutes webinar. Multiple dates available.

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