Bright Horizons Webinar with Hogan Lovells

New Best Practice for Carers: 
An Interactive Webinar on Carer’s Leave and creating a Leading Policy
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April is showering HR teams with family-inclusive legislative changes including the introduction of statutory Carer’s Leave. Ahead of Carers Week in June, this webinar by Bright Horizons and Hogan Lovells offers clarity on employers’ responsibilities towards carers and best practice advice to engage and support the estimated 5.7 million unpaid carers within the workforce.

We’ve found many employers are asking how best to refresh their carers policies, whether to provide paid leave, extend existing leave, and what else to add to ensure they continue to be the employer of choice across all life stages.

From a legal point of view, employees gain a day 1 right to take the equivalent of a week’s leave unpaid, every year, to care for adult dependants with a disability, or a condition that will last over 3 months, or needing care due to old age. How does unpaid carer’s leave interact with time off for dependants? Given that definition of dependants, coupled with employees not being required to give evidence, what will employers do in practice? How much information can, and should, we gather as employers?

In best practice terms, how are leading employers supporting carers beyond leave, for example through directly helping with care needs, or back-up care arrangements? What are the best strategies for encouraging networks of like-minded carers, employee resource groups, mentoring schemes or coaching for carers?

Carers Week takes place 10-16 June this year with the theme “Putting Carers on the Map”. According to the Carers Week campaign, it is estimated that “unpaid carers save the economy £162 million a year – the equivalent of a second NHS. Yet, many carers feel their role is forgotten and invisible”. Worryingly for employers, “82% of carers surveyed by Carers UK said the impact of caring on their physical and mental health would be a challenge over the coming year, with nearly 60% adding that being valued as a carer would improve their wellbeing.”

This webinar aims to ensure employers are equipped to put in place the most effective support. Led by Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Thought Leadership with Bright Horizons and Jo Broadbent, Counsel Knowledge Lawyer, Employment at Hogan Lovells.

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