HR Review Webinar:

Gender Pay Gap: Derailed by Covid or Back on Track? Watch on Demand

In April all eyes turn to the Gender Pay Gap. In a post-pandemic world, where do we stand as a nation on ensuring people of any gender can equally access high paid as well as low paid work? We’ve heard covid could have set back gender equality by a decade and reported gender pay gap figures from 2021 showed a wider gap than in 2018.

That said, recent changes in working patterns and the Great Rethink have prompted more honest and direct conversations in many workplaces about employees’ priorities, and about equity and inclusion. This lively webinar will explore what employers of choice are doing to close the gap and further gender equality in these changed times.

One growing edge is equality in parenting and family life. The gender pay gap opens up when women become parents and never closes again. Bright Horizons 2022 Modern Families Index has shown greater involvement from men in childcare and eldercare. The desire among men for better work-life balance, coupled with the impact of the pandemic lockdowns on women, combine to make a powerful wake-up call for employers.

Join us for an engaging conversation with experts in the lived experience of promoting gender equity at work.

Chair: James Marsh, HR Manager at Planet Organic and former Editor of HRreview

Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Thought Leadership, Bright Horizons

David Whitfield, CEO & Co-Founder, HR DataHub / D&I Index

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