HR Webinar:

Recruitment, Retention and Staff Wellbeing – Hosted by HPMA - Watch on Demand

We hope that you enjoyed our webinar with HPMA on the 21st June 2022, highlighting all the continuing pressures in the healthcare sector, and in light of the latest NHS staff survey, we spoke about the practical steps needed to support staff and retain talented highly trained workers.

Taking the NHS data together with Bright Horizons’ own research and experience points to the importance of supporting family life, together with Sam Slaytor Head of Inclusion, Wellbeing and Engagement at Chelsea and Westminster NHS Hospital Trust, we unpacked what can be done to support staff and the impact of these interventions.

We explored the following:

  • What did we learn from the 2021 NHS Staff Survey?
  • What are the implications for the NHS People Plan?
  • What are the broader pressures on staff recruitment and retention?
  • How Chelsea and Westminster are innovating to remove barriers to workforce participation, improve wellbeing and help staff feel valued.
  • What are the impacts of the Wellbeing and Back Up Care programme 18 months in, and how does this influence patient outcomes?
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