HPMA Webinar:

Recruitment, retention and staff wellbeing – how support for staff families can help – On Demand

This webinar took place on Wednesday 24th May and is available on demand here.

With continuing pressures in the healthcare sector, Trusts are focused on the practical steps needed to support staff and retain talented, highly trained workers. Support for families, especially for working parents and working carers forms a vital part of the offering.

Taking existing NHS data together with Bright Horizons’ own new research and experience points to the importance of supporting family life in much broader ways than flexibility alone. Together with Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Trust, we will unpick what can be done to support and the impact of these interventions.

This webinar offers an opportunity for those who lead and implement workforce wellbeing and work-life programmes to come together, discuss what works and ask questions, as we continue to support our valued workforces.

By the end of this webinar you will:

  • Gain insights from a newly-published sector-specific version of the Modern Families Index, exploring the wants, needs and trends among working parents and carers.
  • Explore the Implications of this for the NHS People Plan
  • Draw out the broader pressures for staff recruitment and retention
  • Learn how ChelWest is innovating to remove barriers to workforce participation, improve wellbeing and help staff feel valued.
  • Understand the impacts of the Wellbeing and Back-up Care programme 2 years in, and how it influences patient outcomes

Our list of speakers included:

Chair: Tracy Hill, Programme Development Director, HPMA

Paul Quartly, Enterprise Sales Lead, Bright Horizons

Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Trust

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