The Legal Sector:

Family-Friendly in the time of Coronavirus - Watch On-Demand

The Legal sector: Family-Friendly in the time of Coronavirus - 5 questions: An exploration of current, changing and next practice on family-friendly, gender diversity & flexible working


In our new reality, we’re exploring the changes happening in different industry sectors.

We’ll be asking 5 key questions to our legal sector panellists:

1. What were you doing before the pandemic?

2. What has changed for your organisation?
What have you stopped, paused, started or Sustained?)

3. How are your people doing?
Are they bearing up, stressed but determined? Are introverts happier? 
Are Parents / carers more visible now - overnight heroes?
Is there new etiquette on online check-ins or not being always on?

4. What will this mean for the future?
Predications for the future: will this accelerate changes?
Will flexible working become the norm?
Will this hiatus lead some people to rethink their lives (What is it all about?) or just be keen to get back to business as usual?

5. What are your top tips?
Anything you have found helpful, personally, to share with our listeners?

Join us for 45 minutes of conversation about current, changing and next practice in the legal sector hosted by Iole Matthews, Coaching & Consultancy Services Manager at Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions. She’ll be joined by HR and Diversity Professionals thinkers at leading Legal sector employers and organisations. We’ll be running polls and they’ll be the opportunity for Q&A from attendees

Our panellists include:

Justine Thompson, Head of Diversity and Inclusivity, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

Dana Denis-Smith, CEO and Founder, Obelisk Support